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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  January 11, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> that's right. the snow is going to pick up for us this afternoon. and this evening. down in westmoreland county, virginia though. a little bit of snow and sleet this morning. they're on a two-hour delay. we heard from sharon in montrose. snow showers and sleet showers at times this morning. we're seeing that also in st. mary's county as well. let's get you going. a look at the day planner. generally cloudy this morning. may be a couple of flurries well south of town. by noon, some lighter snows. trying to move in. but really this afternoon, some things pick up. temperatures 33, 34, 35, this early snow that we'll see in the afternoon making things wet. people have a better chance for slick spots after dark. sunset, things get a little bit colder and we'll be teetering just above freezing for several hours. with that snow moving in. you can see some of the snow expected around here. winter weather advisories up for the entire area but from delaware north into new england, winter storm warning. there are parts of the northeast could be seeing more than a foot of snow.
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the coastal storm will be developing just past us. there is that little batch of moisture that's been producing the snow showers and sleet showers in the northern neck, southern maryland and lighter snow showers and snow western pennsylvania and ohio. temperatures, they will support the snow right now. with mid to upper 20s and most of our suburbs with 31 at reagan national and in fredericksburg, although we know we've transitioned to sleet south. that will be a mixing area. we'll have your snow amount coming up in about 15 or 14 minutes. here's monika samtani your timesaver traffic. >> we're starting with a yellow light because of a couple of incidents to tell you about. we'll start off with the beltway. we've been telling you about an accident on the inner loop of the beltway approaching old georgetown road. it happened at about 4:00 this morning and although it is sitting on the left shoulder after the 270 spur, authorities now tell us it is going to be 30 to 45 minutes before that is cleared up. so, expect a little bit of a rubbernecking delay as you head by that. we'll head over to a map and that's when i told you about earlier in takoma park and new
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hampshire avenue is now gone. we'll head north of the beltway on the northbound side of the bw parkway, we're getting word of a car on fire at route 197. be aware of that. we'll get you lane information shortly. here is a live look at 270 on the southbound side looking pretty good. a little bit of volume beyond that point as they head over to rockville. the lanes are open on 270. now a look at your travel times on the inbound side of i-66. 7100 to the beltway. 12 minutes. at 267 to the beltway, only six minutes and the beltway, 395 to the toll road, 15 minutes at this time. my next report, we'll talk about the inner loop accident at 6:12. andrea? >> all of our local jurisdictions are bracing for what will be our first real snowstorm of the new year. let's start in maryland where the salt trucks are loaded and ready to go. sky 9 was over the salt dome in clarksburg. the trucks will make sure 270 keeps moving. >> in the district, the city has a crew of 750 on hand. 330 pieces of equipment ready
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to roll. vdot is going to focus on the emergency routes first once the snow starts falling. roads are already being pretreated. >> vdot began pretreating the roads yesterday. it wants to make sure you can get around safely. >> more than 700 trucks are already on the roads and they've been out there since 5:00. >> while the roads are expected to be some sort of an issue later today, the airport is already a mess. >> not just because of our weather but because of the record snowstorm which hit the south. >> surae chinn is live at national airport this morning where there are already plenty of cancellations. surae? >> good morning. yeah, no doubt about it. we're feeling the ripple effect from atlanta all the way here at our region's airports. i just checked the board and the cancellations are growing. i'm now seeing cancellations to tampa, florida. it is a sure bet, cancellations to points south. a big culprit, of course is, the ice and snowstorm that hit the southeast region. coming up, now, encroaching to
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our area, but atlanta, hartsfield international airport, the big culprit and making a big impact here and across the country. they canceled hundreds and hundreds of flights and runways are shut down. and now we're seeing people who are stranded here at reagan national airport and including deb blanchard. she's been stranded for a good day and a half now. she's trying to get to savannah, georgia, via jacksonville. she's here in d.c. and it doesn't look good getting home. >> very frustrating. very frustrating. so, especially when they keep putting you off like they just kept saying the flight was another hour. another hour and another hour. and so until it was finally 11:00 last night, 11:30 last night, they said it was canceled. >> poor deb blanchard, he's been traveling since 5:00 yesterday morning. and get this. we were finished with our
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interview and she was supposed to leave at 9:15 this morning. i checked the boards and i told her uh-oh the us airways flight to jacksonville is canceled. she said i don't know what i'm going to do. she's stranded for at least a few more hours until she can get home and that's even looking good. also a good reminder, we say this all the time. check the flights before you leave but i'm telling you, a few minutes online could really save you many, many hours here at the airport. mike? >> it is not comfortable to try to sleep in those chairs. good advice. thank you, surae. >> not at all. >> live at national this morning. our winter weather continues, our coverage continues all day long at where you can get live interactive doppler radar on the front page. you can watch live traffic cameras. of course, get the latest delays at the airport. be sure to upload your snow pictures to too and we'll show them on the air, too. >> in other news, while you slept doctors in arizona said there is no more swelling in
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the brain of congresswoman gabrielle giffords. >> which they say is a good sign following saturday's shooting rampage. you about the arizona democrat is not out of the woods yet. >> the accused gunman is being held without bond. 22-year-old jared loughner made his first court appearance monday. he faces federal charges for killing six people and wounding 14 others. the sheriff in tucson believes congresswoman giffords was the intended target. there is substantial eyewitness testimony as well as documents that we have. there's no doubt that he intended to kill her. >> president obama will travel to arizona tomorrow. he will be joined by the first lady. both will take part in a memorial service with the victims of the shooting at the university of arizona around 9:00 tomorrow night. the president and first lady took part in a moment of silence yesterday in front of the white house. >> a well-known lobbyist and wife of a senior white house aide was found dead inside her
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burning car. investigators are not ruling out foul play in this. but they suspect this was all part of some terrible accident. 37-year-old ashley turton died monday morning inside her southeast washington home. her husband and three children were inside when the fire broke out in an attached garage. they were not hurt in this. one man is in custody. another suspect on the loose after a string of burglaries in prince william county. 29-year-old jason blake of wood bridge is charged in this. police say he took more than 100,000 dollars of jewelry from homes in the lake ridge area. investigators believe blake is responsible for 14 burglaries just since last month. he's now being held without bail. >> at 6:07, jessica doyle is here with a special your money report. >> she's here to help stop the heartache and the headaches when it is time to try to find a job. >> this is the scenario happening over and over again. you are looking for a job. what seems like the perfect opportunity lands in your
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inbox. it almost seems too good to be true, oftentimes, it is too good to be true! during her two-year job search, emily cox was intrigued when her dad e-mailed her about a work from home opportunity. >> figured hey, if dad checked it out, it will be ok. >> when she entered her credit card information, it wasn't ok. >> the codes that they said i needed to enter to get my things to work from home didn't work. i tried to e-mail back the company and kept getting the e- mail bounced back. >> you've probably seen these types of offers in you are e- mail inbox. >> $150,000 from our laptop is possible now. >> or a: 00. >> with the unemployment rate still hovering above a painful 9%, the scammers have a large pool of vulnerable pool to target and the biggest tool working in their favor, hope. >> some of the offers look really good. who doesn't want a great job on a cruise ship. so, you want to believe. >> joel heads up a consumer privacy group and says not only
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can you lose money and become the victim of identity theft, you could be engaging in criminal activity yourself. >> you accept money into your account from somebody who's up to no good, you keep a portion of those proceeds to help him get money out of the country. you could find yourself a collaborator and facing criminal time yourself. >> reporter: avoid any solicitations that promise to get. >> job. ask you for money or promise. >> list of government jobs no one else has access to. some other red flags? >> there are oddly misspelled capitals in the middle of a sentence, weird grammar. >> emily got her money back from her credit card but she still has hard feelings. >> i felt used, betrayed because it was something that looked generally real. >> reporter: now, the major job search web sites are aware the scams are a continuing problem. for example, our partners at careerbuilder tell us they have a team dedicated to monitoring job postings and resume database purchases to verify the legitimacy of each account.
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this is a real problem for the industry because they continue to be out there and everybody is so vulnerable right now given the economic times. >> thankfully she got her money back. >> because she used a credit card. that was the key. >> in a few minutes, more advice on stopping online scams is up next. >> in four minutes after that, why hackers are targeting your facebook account. and let you know what you can do to stop them. >> and at 6:47, a state in our region has the top-ranked schools in the nation. learn who's number one in a report out this morning. up next, howard has another check of the snowy forecast. your weather first just 90 seconds away.
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>> this is just well ahead of the main storm not expected until this afternoon. we'll take a look at the day planner. clouds this morning at 9:30. low 30s at noon. some light snow developing southern areas. by this afternoon, we'll all be seeing some snow. 34. best chance of accumulating snow is tonight. snow map coming up in just a few. monika? >> howard, we'll take a live look on the inner loop of the beltway after the 270 spur. early morning accident still on the left shoulder. should be clearing shortly. expect some rubbernecking
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delays past the scene. i'll update this and other maryland spots to avoid at 6:19. andrea? >> thank you, monday catch parts of the south are seeing the most snow amounts to fall there in nearly two decades. it is one of the stories making news at 6:13. this isn't new england or the midwest. it is florence, alabama. they got nearly half a foot there. other parts of the state saw up to 14 inches. it is worst snowstorm since 1993's storm of the century. >> secretary of state hillary clinton is in yemen this morning on a surprise visit. this is video of her yesterday in the united arab emirates. secretary clinton is working to shore up antiterrorism efforts there. and wikileaks founder julian assange is back in court. is due back in court today in england. he's fighting extradition to sweden where he faces sex crimes charges. protests are planned outside the courtroom. mike? >> thank you, andrea. >> one of the most popular tweets on twitter these days,
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my facebook account has been hacked. you see, there is a free bit of software called fire sheet. and it can give hackers access, in minutes, to dozens of facebook, twitter and yahoo! accounts. now, the software grabs your password and your user name and blows it across an unsecured public wi-fi and within minutes, hackers can be impersonating you to everyone. >> kelly, i want to show you this. check this out. is this your facebook account? >> oh, my gosh. yes. >> we just logged on to it after you gave us permission, it took bus five seconds. >> u.s.a. 9 reporter there did that and the developer who made up the software is making it available free online on the web in hopes of pressuring the huge web sites like facebook and twitter to boost their security. now, this could rattle you a little bit when you hear it for the first time. joining us now to talk about how you can protect yourself is
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wusa9's technology manager richard gosh et. this is kind of scary. we do a lot of business on the internet with our bank accounts and mortgage payments and other things. can somebody do this and get into the accounts very quickly? >> it was too easy. we sat there in a coffee shop that had free open wi-fi. that was the catch. free open wi-fi which made it incredibly easy. we downloaded the software and within minutes, once we hit start, we were seeing the identity of all of the people on facebook, twitter, "new york times," yahoo!, certain google accounts, you can't get into google mail for example but we could see what they were doing with google and stuff like that. it was just a little bit too easy. >> that's flabbergasting. of course, the next question is how do we protect ourselves and encrypt our things? >> if you're in one of the places that has free open wi- fi, the wi-fi that needs no password. you just basically connect and it is there. you really should avoid unsecure sites like facebook or twitter because over a million
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people have downloaded the software. what's to say somebody ten feet from you with a large cup of coffee seeing what you're doing. they can double click your identity and they're you. with bruce leshan, i sent posts on behalf of him in the coffee shop. i said i am the fake bruce leshan and people responded and said wow, this was too easy. make sure if you're on an unsecure web site, don't log into the site. if the web site -- is wi-fi secure, you're generally safe because it sen crypted. people can't see what you're doing. if you're at home and you have a wi-fi at home, there is still an awful lot of home wi-fis that are unsecure. so, if your wi-fi name at link sis or belkin, stop right there. go in to secure the network. people do that. they drive around looking for unsecure network. >> park in front of the house. >> people can get into trouble for that because people are downloading things they don't want downloaded. >> make sure the web sites ier on are secure.
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that's visible usually by the front of the url it can give you a clue it is secure. take a look at the padlock. normally, you get a padlock that comes up when you're on a secure web site. normally, if there are dangers like false certificates, it will go red or warn you that they're a huge problem. >> we're moving on. if you would like more information, go to we'll give you more suggestions there. now, we head over to howard with your weather. >> we're looking at a winter weather advisory for everybody starting at 4:00 this afternoon even though we have a little bit of moisture throughout this morning. you go north and east through philly, jersey, delaware, up to new england. winter storm warnings, a lot more snow than us. 4:00 p.m. this afternoon to 6:00 a.m. wednesday morning. how much snow we're looking at. a general one to three will cover the area. then look at this to the east up toward baltimore, the naval academy, easton, three, maybe four, five inches in the blue area then as you head toward philly and jersey, 5 to 9. the
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bull's eye once again will be there. there could be a foot, foot and a half across parts of new england. seeing moisture coming in from the south. spoke to charlie, he had a couple of flurries. live doppler 9000 hd, we can see we've got a couple of flurries right there. but darker blues, colonial beach, st. mary city. we've had reports in montrose, not just the snow showers but of some sleet showers as well. we're watching that all here to the south right now. this is well in advance of the snow we're expecting this afternoon. let's go back to the weather computer. we'll talk about your bus stop forecast. which is generally cloudy. isolated flurries south. we've got temperatures this morning low 20s north to low 30s south. sunrise, 7:28. setting at 5:05. our day planner, temperatures by noon, 33 with a little bit of light snow. looks like it is really going to take until mid afternoon until we get into a more moderate snowfall. by 5:00 with the afternoon commute, temperature in town, 34.
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we'll have some areas below freezing. some slick spots. mid to upper 20s this morning in month gom montgomery county. 25 for manassas. fairfax at 29. alexandria 30. here in washington, 31 degrees. cloudy skies. with a wind chill at 25. and dew point of 15. we'll be watching the moisture come in from the west. with one storm. then the coastal storm down here is going to ride up. this one becomes the primary storm but just a little bit too far east of us. by midnight, look, we're starting to shut down. really between around oh, 6:00 p.m. and 11:00, 12:00 is likely when we'll see our best chance for snow. but again, one to three, four inches on the high side. 35 today. 37 tomorrow. 34 on thursday. your weekend looks ok for friday. a snow shower saturday. maybe a rain shower on martin luther king day. monika samtani steps in with timesaver traffic. >> we have the yellow light this time around because of a pretty big incident. in fact, we're going to go live to our sky 9 shot.
6:20 am
on the northbound side of the bw parkway. what you're seeing here is krewes cleaning up an earlier vehicle fire at route 32 along the right side of the road. apparently already causing quite a delay on the northbound side. southbound bw parkway, your lanes remain open. we'll keep you posted on this situation. up in jessup. we'll take a live look as well on the inner loop of the beltway. we've had this situation on the inner loop right before the 270 spur because of an early morning accident it happened about 4:00 this morning. it was an overturned paper delivery truck. it is still sitting on the left shoulder. authorities tell us it should be clearing shortly. but it is causing the rubbernecking delays for you as you head northbound on the side of the beltway. approaching the old georgetown road interchange. now, we'll take you over to a map around town, otherwise things look ok. we'll zoom into 66 on the inbound side. show you what it looks like live at route 50. a bit of a slowdown here at route 50 and again at the beltway.
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a quick look at your travel times on the outer loop from 95 to 270. 10 minutes. 95 in from 216, 9 minutes. the beltway, 9 minutes. i'll update you on the bw parkway and the inner loop coming up at 6:25. andrea? mike? >> thank you, monika. still ahead this morning, virginia's governor changes his mind on selling the state's liquor stores. >> next in sports, the college football title game. oregon and auburn go down to the final play. we'll show you how the whole thing ended.
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welcome back. 6:24. we're looking at cloudy skies here. there are a few flurries out to our south this morning and snow showers northern neck and parts of southern maryland. by midday, we're still looking at mostly cloudy. could be a little sleet, even mixing in. southern maryland and the northern neck. snow is going to break out mid afternoon and we'll notice there by 5:00, we've got low 30s and snow. that snow is going to be accumulating some by the time we get to tonight. maybe one to four inches. more coming up right now, mike and andrea. >> thank you, howard. >> the capitals visit the florida panthers. >> this is the second half of a home at home series. caps won saturday night's game here in washington. final score, 3-2.
6:25 am
>> in phoenix last night, the bcs title game between organize and auburn. game was tied. i don'ter ran 16 yards -- dyer ran 16 yards. when they reviewed it in the booth, he was ruled down at the half-yard line. it set up a chip shot for auburn kicker wes byrum. a simple 19-yard field goal. auburn wins national title 22- 19. that's five wins in a row for the scc. ok. 6:24. we're getting you ready for the latest round of snow. coming up, howard's got to tell us when and where we're going to hit most. >> we'll go live to national airport. the snowstorm which hit the south is having an impact on flights right here in our region. >> monika has a quick check of timesaver traffic. >> we'll take a live look from sky 9 this morning on the northbound sigh of the bw parkway. authorities have been dealing with an overturned vehicle in the right lane with delays right now. we'll have more on this in my
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next report at 6:31. we'll be right back. qqq
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welcome back. 6:29. howard bernstein with you. weather first on the weather terrace. it is a cold and cloudy start here. we're getting reports from of
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some our weather watchers down in southern maryland and mechanicsville. we've got some areas of flurry action there. also, down in montrose. we've got snow and sleet mixed in at times this morning. charlie had a couple of flurries. the area is generally dry. a look at the day planner. we're expecting clouds around this morning to give way to light snow midday. maybe some light to moderate snow by the end of the afternoon. so, no problems for weather this morning. but the evening commute may feature a few slick spots as the snow intensity can pick up and the temperatures can get down to freezing or below. we do winter weather advisories. delaware all the way up the east coast, they'll get a lot more snow than us as the coastal storm will take over the midwestern storm that's coming in is helping to touch off a few snow showers this morning. this is well in advance of the main snows we're expecting. see them there across the northern neck, southern maryland and even into fauquier county. lighter snow is out to the west. for us, the action will start
6:31 am
to pick up mid to late afternoon. better chance of snow will be between 6:00 and midnight with 3 to 4 inches. right now, we're at 31. 25 up in frederick and gaithersburg and a chilly 21 in hagerstown and fredericksburg is a relatively mild 31. monika samtani, 6:31, over to you. >> howard, we'll start off with a yellow light. take a live look from sky 9 at an accident on the northbound side of the bw parkway here at route 32 in jessup. it involves an overturned vehicle if you look closely, you can see that there in the right lane and authorities are telling us that delays begin at route 198 as you head northbound on the bw parkway, southbound, the lanes are open. we'll keep you posted on this situation. we've also been telling you about an accident that happened at about 4:00 this morning and it is on the inner loop of the beltway right here as you leave the 270 spur but before old georgetown road. it involves an overturned paper delivery truck still sitting there on the left shoulder just
6:32 am
causing the rubbernecking delays. by the way, the outer loop of the beltway, lanes are open. delays from university boulevard over to georgia avenue. let's take a look at a map. things around town otherwise look ok. we're going to zoom into the district and take a live look inbound on york avenue at bladensburg road. a bit of volume here. otherwise, things are looking good this morning. if you're commuting by train, everything is running on time. no problems on metro, marc and vre this morning. coming up, we'll update you on the different accidents around town at 6:46. andrea, mike? >> thank you, monika. this morning, local road crews are watching and waiting. they're ready for when the first flakes begin to fall. >> ready to go. their job is to keep you safe so the trucks were loaded overnight. sky 9 was over the salt zones. many roads in the area have already been pretreated hours ahead of the storm. now, this hit the south pretty hard. not everybody was upset about the snow. look at these people. sledding in midtown atlanta
6:33 am
yesterday. who does that? people who have a positive outlook. public transit buses in atlanta have been canceled today. they keep sleds in atlanta, right? >> the airport in atlanta is the busiest in the country, in the world in fact. the snow there is having a major impact. >> dozens of flights canceled yesterday and it is no better this morning. >> surae chinn is live at national airport. surae, how are things looking there now? >> well, pretty much the same if not getting worse. folks are going to have a tough go at it. i just checked the boards. and i checked dulles international. bwi, the same situation all points south, canceled and the number is growing. in fact, up and down the seaboard, i'm seeing cancellations from tampa, florida, to boston, new york, places such as those places. now, atlanta's hartsfield international airport, hundreds and hundreds of cancellations there. the runways shut down. and also all because of the ice storm and the snowstorm that hit that region.
6:34 am
here at reagan national, i'm seeing people who are stranded. they slept here overnight. including coleman is trying to get to charlotte. >> i was going to fly out of raleigh into charlotte but that flight was canceled due to the snow so i was transferred to a flight here to washington and hopefully i'll get out at 8:00 this morning and go to dayton. >> reporter: how long have you been traveling now? >> it has been about two days. so, i've been in and out of airports for about two days now. >> we just got word united and continental have announced that they are waiving the rebooking fees so you might want to check your airline if they're doing the same thing. hopefully more airlines will jump on board with that. meanwhile, of course, always a good advice to check your flight before you leave. i know we always say that. but a few minutes online could save you hours here at the airport which we've been seeing with some of the stranded passengers. live here at reagan national, surae chinn, 9news now.
6:35 am
our winter weather coverage continues all day at get live interactive doppler radar on the front page. watch live traffic cameras from around the region. get the latest on airport delays and be sure to upload your snow pictures to president obama and the first lady will be heading to tucson, arizona, tomorrow, to take part in a memorial service for the six people who died in last weekend's shooting. there is a growing memorial of flowers and candles at the university of arizona medical center. that is where congresswoman gabrielle giffords is being treated right now. doctors say there is no new swelling in her brain but she is not out of the woods just yet. and a condolence book is on capitol hill and it is open to the public to sign now. house speaker john boehner and minority leader nancy pelosi set it up. they will be available all week. the accused gunman in the case is being held without bond
6:36 am
now. 22-year-old jared loughner is facing charges of murder and attempted assassination. friends say he was distant and had a troubled relationship with his parents. he was also battling mental health issues before the shooting. this is the question everyone's asking. what's going on in prince george's county? police there are now investigating their tenth murder in ten days. the latest happened last night in langley park. two men were stabbed in the parking lot of a shopper's food warehouse on university boulevard east. one of them later died. investigators say they were witnesses but right now, no one is talking. >> when our patrol officers came on to the scene, there were apparently numerous witnesses that were here and we would like some of the witnesses to step forward. >> police say the men appeared to be innocent victims who were at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> the governors of virginia and maryland are working along with washington's mayor to get together to change metro's governing culture.
6:37 am
the move is in response to a report that metro's governing structure contributed to the system's deterioration. transportation leaders from the three jurisdictions will define the roles and the responsibilities of metro's board. the group will also recommend a process for how a metro board member can be appointed later this year. >> at 6:37, jessica doyle is back with another your money report. >> some news coming out of the big auto show in detroit. >> that's right. now, we're seeing a big push by toyota to win back the hearts and minds of american consumers. after safety recall last year that saw sales drop, not only did toyota's president make his first public appearance at the detroit auto show. he rolled out three new versions of the best selling hybrid, the prius. a larger one, a smaller one and one that plugs in. as toyota struggles, ford is soaring. one of the biggest headlines out of the show, ford says it is going to hire 7,000 workers in the u.s. this year. some of those workers for the launch of the next generation
6:38 am
ford escape suv. that will be on sale late this year. groupontons about null investor money. the company sent out a press release that says groupon raises like a billion dollars. the online coupen company spurned a $6 billion takeover offer from google. analysts will saying you could be able to buy stock in an initial public offering for groupon sometime this year. >> want a deal at a fast food restaurant? this is the month for you! some of the offers throughout burger king has two for one chicken sandwiches through january 16th according to our partners at "usa today." wendy's has free fries but you have to click on the facebook page to get the deal and for pizza cravings, papa john's and pizza hut has $10 pizzas. those are the deals for you. >> i was hungry before you sat down and now it is ten times worse. >> i'm hungry, too. >> virginia's governor is
6:39 am
changing his tune when it comes to the state's involvement in the liquor industry. governor bob mcdonnell tells "the washington post" he will rush for them to privatize their stores but he wants to keep control of wholesale and distribution. the governor dropped his initial abc privatization plan last year in the face of strong opposition. coming up in nine minutes, learn about a new report that's ranking the nation's public schools. and find out which state in this area is number one. >> up next, howard has our tuesday forecast. learn just how much snow he's predicting for us. >> here is a look at what's coming up tonight...
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welcome back to 9news now. 6:43. howard bernstein is here with
6:44 am
our weather first. he says the morning, everybody will be able to make it through but what about for the young people coming home from school. will they need to close early or can they make it? >> i don't think they'll need to close early. they may be canceling the evening activities. that would not surprise me at all. however, i do want to caution you. we've had snow showers down to our south because parts of the northern neck and southern maryland thanks to the friends on facebook down on avenue maryland, little light snow left a coating down there. even at patuxent river, snow and sleet but it is done. there is a little slickness. keep that in mind if you're down south. you may have an isolated slick spot. winter weather advisories in effect for everyone. that starts at 4:00 today until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. don't know if they'll be lasting that long. we're not expecting the majority of the accumulating snows until later on this afternoon. and tonight. winter storm warnings delaware and points north and east. a lot more snow expected up and down to our north and east. how much snow are we talking about? by wednesday morning, the white
6:45 am
area covers most of us. that is generally one to three inches with a lighter amounts. out to the shenandoah valley. this doesn't look like there is a lot of moisture to work with this. toward baltimore and the bay, three, maybe four inches in those areas. locally, five. as you get closer to the delaware border. northern delaware, up toward philly, new jersey, 5 tonight plus. there will be areas as you head toward new york, especially connecticut. one to two feet. ideally if this thing really maximizes its potential. satellite and radar, clouds moved in. really thickened up overnight. there is some of the moisture off to the south this morning. even a few flurries have been reported in fauquier county. but as we go over to doppler 9000 hd, we don't have too much here. this is not reaching the ground. stuff off to the south from fredericksburg, extreme southern charles county. st. mary's, the northern neck, you see the splotchy areas of blue. the darker blue, that's some snow showers and some sleet mixed in. with we've seen it from lexington park across the bay
6:46 am
over toward cambridge and now south of leonardtown. watch out for just isolated slick spots. your bus stop forecast is a cloudy one for the majority of us with those flurries south. temperatures running in the low 20s to low 30s with the sunrise at 7:28. as far as today's concerned, cloudy at 9:00. 31 by noon. light snow possible especially south of town. by 5:00, light to moderate snow breaking out. 34. after dark is when we'll have a much better chance of slick spots. 21 in hagerstown. it is 28 in southern maryland. so, while we've had the snow showers down there, it is below freezing. that's why we've got the slick spots to be concerned about. feels like 25 with the wind chill and the air is dry. dew point is only 15. it is going to take time for this moisture to moisten up the atmosphere. the coast is going to take over. an impressive storm in the midwest. this is going to give the energy then it is really just going to hammer new england. for us, down three, one to four inches is what we're expecting.
6:47 am
by around midnight, 1:00 or so, 35 today. with the light snow to moderate snow this evening. winds could gust over 25 miles per hour. we'll have frozen areas tonight down in the 20s. thursday, 34. the weekend may see a snow shower saturday and milder with perhaps a rain shower on monday. monika samtani is in at 6:47. >> we'll start off with a yellow light. lots to tell you this morning. first of all, whites ferry is closed. no service on whites ferry today. i'm going to step out and show. >> live picture from sky 9. overturned vehicle on the northbound side of the bw parkway at route 32. it is along the right side of the road causing delays back at route 197 as you head north on the bw parkway to route 32. southbound, your lanes are open. let's take a look at some video from an early morning accident. this one happened bat 4:00 this morning on the inner loop of the beltway after the 270 spur but before old georgetown road in bethesda. paper, it was your morning
6:48 am
paper delivery truck that overturned there on the inner loop of the beltway after the 270 spur. it took about two and a half hours to clear up. good news is all lanes are open. it is now gone. in bethesda. >> now, let's take a look around town. first of all, there is an accident right here at branch avenue at the suitland parkway. just got reports of that. we'll head over south of town, southbound route 1 in fredericksburg. there is an accident right here blocking all lanes at mass upon ok church road. take i-95 as your alternate road there. a look at your travel times. mike, andrea? >> we're in the web center. you can read the headlines for yourself. maryland is number one! >> indeed. that's when it comes to public schools. >> while you slept, education week magazine issued its
6:49 am
national ranking. >> let's check out the magazines web site. education it features the report card for public schools in every state. the magazine grades states based on education policies, preparing students for the world and overall achievement. >> and out of 100 points, maryland got 87.6 which is a b plus. virginia comes in fourth. 81.8. west virginia is tenth with 80. d.c. ranks 50th. that's 69.1 which is a d plus. >> well, this is the third year in a row maryland has come in number one in the magazine's rankings. governor martin o'malley says there's more to do. >> he did. in fact, he released a press release overnight saying that maryland is in a fight for our children's future. it reads in part in this fight, there will be some states that lose and some states that win. for maryland to win, we need to move forward by creating and saving jobs through innovation and that includes protesting
6:50 am
our -- protecting our best in the nation school systems. >> check out the state by state rankings, we have a link on our web site. look under the extras headlines. >> 31 degrees in northwest washington. >> a check on the news before you go is up next. ♪
6:51 am
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welcome back. a few snow and sleet showers down from fredericksburg through the northern neck and
6:54 am
southern maryland. st. mary's county. we've got a few slick spots there. better snows picking up this afternoon and this evening. steadier snows. maybe worse snows from your perspective. high today 30 to 35. >> it is not just our weather making the headlines. here is a check of the news before you go. the snow down south is canceling dozens of flights in and out of this area. atlanta, charlotte, are the hardest fit there. the big airlines are waking fees to change your travel plans in and out of our region because of the impending snow here as well. >> montgomery county police want to find the man who robbed a church and attacked a pastor. pastor jose alfonzo rivas was attacked. the robber made off with money collected for poor children. the game winner for auburn. topping oregon in the bcs title game. final score, 22-19. it is 6:54. >> we have one more check of weather and traffic right after this.
6:55 am
keep it here.
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. welcome back. 6:58. we have moderate sleet. this is ahead of the main snow. we're expecting later on this afternoon. but it is causing some slick spots down in southern maryland and northern neck. so, be careful down there. a light coating is enough to really mess things up. for us, the snow really not expected to pick up until this afternoon and even at that, only looking at some snow tonight. one to three, maybe four inches. we're cold and windy tomorrow. 37. monika? >> taking a live look from sky 9 where there is an accident northbound on the bw parkway at route 32 in the right lane.
6:59 am
delays at pouter mill road for this one. we'll take you over to a map. southbound route 1 in fredericksburg is blocked at mass upon ok church road. northbound 395 is jammed from beltway to seminary road. >> we have a story you can sink your teeth into. dozens of contestants bellied up to the table at yesterday's district taco eating contest in arlington. >> rules pretty simple. whoever ate the most tacos in 15 minutes won. if you throw up, you're out. andrew was yesterday's winner. 15 tacos in 15 minutes. >> for his victory, andrew's picture is now posted on the restaurant's wall of fame! >> oh, my! >> as for walter, we're on earnings watch and we're looking higher this morning. >> "the early show" is coming up next. the latest from tucson plus more on verizon's announcement about selling the iphone. as far as the snow, i'll have the latest forecast at noon. please pick the interactive doppler radar on the home page of >> count on us tomorrow morning


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